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No Man’s Sky at GDC

Are you going to GDC? If so, we can recommend some hot art talks. We’re keeping a low profile at the moment so we can put all we’ve got into continuing to make No Man’s Sky, but we’ve let our art... View Article

Nominated for Designs of the Year 2015

OK, wow, No Man’s Sky is nominated for a Designs of the Year 2015 award from the Design Museum in London! It’s one of 76 things selected from across all architecture, digital, fashion, graphics and products by a bunch of... View Article

Film making

Just as we were setting out for PlayStation Experience in December we saw the most amazing video, made by Mat Hill, called What’s a No Man’s Sky. It blew us away that someone so talented would make a live-action fan... View Article

Model making

Last week Jared Bennett tweeted us the best picture, a photo of a 1/32 scale model he’d built of a ship from No Man’s Sky. Look at it! It lights up! We love it, and we really wanted to know... View Article

Watch A Night Under No Man’s Sky

If you couldn’t be with us, or want to watch again, here’s the official, high quality, version of 65daysofstatic’s entire performance at A Night Under No Man’s Sky. Relive it with us! By the way, there are also some great... View Article

A Night Under No Man’s Sky

It’s fair to say that A Night Under No Man’s Sky blew us away. Seeing 65daysofstatic up on stage, playing tracks we love against imagery of our game and video sequences by Matt DiVito, was an incredible experience for us.... View Article


A year ago today we first revealed our game called No Man’s Sky. These twelve months have been life changing for all of us at our little studio. Your response to what we’re making has been inspiring, affirming, and only... View Article


We’re at The Game Awards right now. Reggie is here, so’s Notch and Kiefer. We’re sort of starstruck. Before is lovely, so is Adr1ft. And we’ve just shown a new trailer for No Man’s Sky on the stage… We hope you enjoy it!... View Article

What’s a No Man’s Sky?

THIS IS THE BEST THING! It’s by Mat Hill, who is now our hero.

Game Informer cover

We have some news. No Man’s Sky is on the cover of the next Game Informer. And it’s out real soon! You can start to read it all in just a few hours via Game Informer’s digital edition, and the magazine... View Article