No Man’s Sky

A science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy

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Path Finder – Patch 1.24

Greetings explorers, Today we’re releasing Patch 1.24, which addresses some remaining issues and bugs players have reported since the launch of the Path Finder Update. This update is live now on both PC and PS4, and the patch notes are as follows: Fixed an issue that caused player’s bases not to appear Optimised light shafts,... View Article

Path Finder – Patch 1.23

Hello, Thanks for your continued feedback. Today we’re releasing Patch 1.23 on both PS4 and PC, which addresses some of the main issues/bugs we’ve seen reported. Optimised HBAO so that it runs faster Added an option to lock framerate on PS4 to 30 fps to keep the frame rate stable Sentinel drones now investigate correctly... View Article

Path Finder – Patch 1.22

Hi everyone, Thank you to everyone who’s played the Path Finder Update so far! Your feedback has been incredibly helpful – please do keep it coming. We’ll soon be releasing Patch 1.22, which includes some changes and fixes based on player feedback. Read on for full details! Path Finder Patch 1.22 Exocraft Geobays can now... View Article

Introducing The Path Finder Update

Hello, We’re excited to be releasing the next free content update for No Man’s Sky later today: Path Finder. Here’s a summary of what to expect: Improved Visuals Owning Multiple Ships Base Sharing Online Bases can be shared via Steam Workshop New Vehicles – Exocraft Permadeath Mode Build Vehicle Race Tracks Ship Specialisations and Classes... View Article

Patch 1.13

Hello! We’ve released another patch across both PC and PS4 which is available to download on both platforms now! Read on for full patch notes: Fixed a bug that would make the player character small. Space battles will now vary in size more and players should see bigger battles. Fixed the instantaneous death loop that... View Article