No Man’s Sky: Orbital Update


Only last month we welcomed a huge number of new Travellers to the No Man’s Sky universe with our free Omega expedition, which brought a tonne of new content. It’s incredible to watch new folks getting to experience eight years of updates since launch.

Today (March 27th) we are releasing our 27th major updateORBITAL – and this is a big one!
The full patch notes are available here.


The Orbital update brings a complete overhaul to Space Stations. Until now these have been perhaps the only part of No Man’s Sky that wasn’t procedurally generated. Engine improvements have allowed us to create vast interior spaces and exterior spaces, with improved reflection and metallic surfaces.



Outside, Space Station exteriors are at a scale never seen before, and are hugely varied.

Inside, Stations have been transformed, and are now vast, procedurally generated, and incredibly diverse. Featuring new shops, gameplay and activities, Stations are now uniquely customised based on system, race and locale.



Stations also contain perhaps our most requested feature of all time! A ship editor allows players to customise their ships and players can even create never before seen starship types.

We haven’t introduced ship customisation previously, because so many players love exploring to find the perfect ship already out there to purchase. In keeping with exploration, to customise their ship, Travellers gather and trade parts for their ships as they explore, salvaging the best components from wrecks and ruins.



We are also introducing a new Guild system, making joining Guilds and increasing reputation a much larger part of the game. Visit new Guild envoys on Space Stations to gain supplies and rare items, or make donations to increase your standing.

You can own a freighter and even build up a fleet of frigates in No Man’s Sky. Now you can send that frigate fleet on away missions where if they get into trouble, as frigate captain, you can perform daring rescues. Scramble your squadron of fighters, warp to battles, and engage your attackers.



The Orbital update adds ship customisation, transforms Space Stations inside and out, adds a new guild system, engine improvements, UI refresh and much more. It’s a huge update with several major features that have been on player’s wishlists for a long time. We have a lot more planned this year as our journey continues.

The full patch notes for Orbital are available here.

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