Endurance Development Update

Hello Everyone,


It’s been so lovely to see the community co-operating on the Polestar expedition, with players meeting up to visit each others’ freighters, and veterans stepping forward to lend a helping hand to those trying an expedition for the very first time!


Featured Bases

As of today, Iteration: Mercury has established a portal network to a new set of Featured Bases. Visit their teleporter at the Space Anomaly to alight at Refuelling Station Helios-42, relax at Perfect Perk Coffee, or marvel at the vast Twelve Towers Castle.

Perfect Perk Coffee by SparkleRain2972


Community Research

The Quicksilver Synthesis Companion, perpetually fascinated by biological matter, is busy synthesising seeds for a number of plantable grass clumps: Tall Spikegrass, Short Spikegrass, Flatblade Grass, and Looping Grass.

Completing multiplayer missions from the Nexus will contribute towards the Bot’s efforts. Acquiring these exotic plants with Quicksilver will allow them to be planted around habitable bases.

Progress towards unlocking these exclusive decorations can be viewed in the Mission Log, at the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion’s kiosk, or at the Galactic Atlas site.


Community Spotlight

We’re always blown away by how diverse and creative the artists in the community are. A few of our favourite recent creations…

This delicate watercolour rendition of a companion is by u/SplicerFarsante


u/UnjustSuffering drew this moody image of a freighter venturing into a black hole.


We loved this cute physical rendition of a gaseous hazard plant – made from wool by @BuddleiaGirl!


Some striking virtual photography by u/Leonhart30, @pachafly, @DreadCaptJames, and roarinflames.


We’re also aware that a number of fans are organising a meetup at The Three Pigeons in Guildford this Sunday Aug 28th at 7pm, and wanted to mention it here to boost the signal!


Development Update

With plenty of new content for No Man’s Sky underway, and the Nintendo Switch, PSVR2, and MacOS updates all rapidly approaching, the team are keeping very busy! Thank you all for playing, Travellers, and keeping us fueled with your amazing fan works and generous spirits.

Our journey continues.