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Gameplay Support

  We’re tracking a number of issues, bugs and crashes that players are reporting with No Man’s Sky, and working to resolve as soon as possible.   The number of people players, and length of average play session, has been... View Article

What do you do in No Man’s Sky?

WHAT DO YOU DO IN NO MAN’S SKY? We’re coming up to launch and I’m feeling nostalgic, so I went back and I dug out some old builds. Here’s some screenshots just a few weeks in:   Here it is... View Article

Update 1.03

Update 1.03 When we went gold five or six week ago, we posted on twitter, and literally every reply was like “hope you are going on a nice holiday!”. Some of us have, but I didn’t want to, not yet.... View Article

An update on No Man’s Sky

Hello, Sean here, working super, super hard on No Man’s Sky. Every day, the game is getting better and better, and despite all the late nights (and early mornings) we’re all working to get it finished and in your hands, it’s... View Article

Another month of IGN First

So we have come to the end of a second month of IGN First for No Man’s Sky! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the new footage we’ve been able to share, as well as the behind-the-scenes interviews with our team. We’ve closed the... View Article

The Lore of No Man’s Sky

Today, we wanted to show you something new, a little bit of how we approach lore and storytelling in our universe. It’s a bit different to what you might be used to with some other games. With a universe as... View Article

The Art of No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is procedurally generated, but we always want it to have a unique recognisable style, to look like a science fiction book cover come to life. This is only possible because of our super-talented art team. When we... View Article

We let Anthony Carboni play No Man’s Sky, immediately regret it

Last month saw the biggest reveal for the game since our nerve-wracking debut at the VGX Awards. We showed a small demo to hundreds of journalists from around the world, who called the game “breathtakingly beautiful” (Wired) and “insanely exciting” (io9).... View Article

We’re doing IGN First – again!

We have some exciting news to share! We’re doing IGN First once again, making No Man’s Sky the only game to do so for a second time. Needless to say, we’re honoured! It’s kicking off with easily the biggest look... View Article

First reveal of the soundtrack to infinity

Even now, it’s surreal to think that our favourite band – 65daysofstatic – is helping create the procedural sounds of our universe, and even more so that their official album for the game – ‘No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe’... View Article