Foundation Update book cover

Introducing Update 1.1

Today we’re excited to bring you the Foundation Update. It’s the first of many free updates to come, and we’re looking forward to you getting hands on with it. Here’s an outline of the updates – but we encourage you to dive in and discover for yourselves!

Game Modes

Screenshot of different game mode icons
  • Explorers can now decide to play with new rulesets in three game modes
  • Normal mode is the original experience
  • Creative mode allows free exploration and creative freedom
  • Survival mode will test players with more extreme conditions
Screenshot of death screen

Death quotes: prepare to see these a lot in survival mode.

Base Building

Base building screenshot
Screenshot of teleporter
  • Find and claim uninhabited bases, and settle down on your chosen home planet.
  • Construct modular structures and decoration in exchange for resources gathered while exploring
  • Teleport to and from your base from Space Stations with a terminus teleporter
  • Add storage containers to bases
  • Build shelters and take refuge from storms and atmospheric damage
  • Claiming a new base will destroy the old one, refunding all of the resources


Toxic plant
Farming screenshot

Grow and harvest crops using the new Farming system

Research and grow ten new plant types

Plants grow over time meaning biome dependant crops can be cultivated outdoors, or inside hydroponic labs

Screenshot of plants

Making Camp

Explorers can now deploy equipment in the field

Automated harvesters gather resources continuously

Communication terminals allow explorers to leave sub space messages for others to find

Nearby mineral deposits, uninhabited bases or drop pods can be discovered with a Signal Scanner

Place save points anywhere

Base building items


Freighter screenshot

Screenshot of orange freight
  • Interstellar Freighters can be purchased and summoned from anywhere in the Galaxy
  • Freighters expand traveller’s reserves
  • Teleport resources to your Freighter while on-planet
Screenshot of pink freight
  • Stockpile goods within freighters and transport them in bulk to trade in other systems
  • Customise the base building section of your freighter & build hydroponics labs to grow crops
Screenshot of purple freight
  • Use the new recruitment system to recruit NPCs for your Freighter
  • Create extended cargo holds to increase freighter capacity

New Resources & Technology

  • Discover new resources as you explore
  • Biome specific resources only grow in specific climates

Screenshot of new resources

  • Discover X new technologies
  • Craft new items via base building: Advanced mining laser and Hazmat gauntlets
  • Use these items to gather resources in specific biomes

Screenshot of new technology

User Interface

New quick menu added

Screenshot of new UI

Stack up to 5 items per inventory slot

Screenshot of new UI

New arrow indicators show shield and life support damage more clearly

Screenshot of new UI

Resource symbols improved to allow for easier differentiation

Screenshot of new UI

Press left on D-Pad to view current objective

Screenshot of new UI

UI is no longer colour tinted and removed artifacts

Screenshot of new UI
Screenshot of new UI

Early warning of pirates on cockpit

Screenshot of new UI

Red screen indicates you’re unable to use Pulse Drive

Screenshot of new UI

TAA & Motion blur

Introduced motion blur (to turn off, visit Options > display)

Screenshot of new Motion Blur
Screenshot of original Motion Blur

Introduced TAA (temporal anti aliasing) as an option

Screenshot of new TAA
Screenshot of original TAA

Added texture streaming, which will allow minimum spec PCs to run the game more smoothly and should help players who are experiencing frame rate drops due to memory loss

Patch notes

  • Players can now find and claim empty bases, dotted across each planet
  • Players can build up their bases in exchange for resources gathered while exploring
  • Introducing the concept of farming, allowing players to grow their own crops
  • 10 types of plants have been introduced, which can be grown in your base
  • 30 new resources added to the game, a number of which come from plants
  • A range of new non-playable characters (NPCs) has been aded to the game
  • Players can hire NPCs from space stations, and build work stations in their bases which their recruits will work at
  • Hireable NPCs are:
    • Builder (will allow you to unlock more base building options)
    • Farmer (will allow you to grow crops)
    • Scientist (will allow you to develop new products)
    • Engineer (will allow you to develop new weapons)