Expedition Eleven: Voyagers

Hello Everyone!

One week ago, we released ECHOES, our largest update of 2023. The team has put a lot of love into this release, and the community response has been incredible – it has been so exciting to see players meeting the Autophage, building their own Voltaic Staff, engaging in space combat with the new outlaw Dreadnought ships, and utilising the Wonder Projector in entertaining and unexpected ways!

Today, we are launching Voyagers, our eleventh community expedition for No Man’s Sky. Voyagers is a relaxing journey of exploration, encouraging Travellers to seek out remarkable worlds, reach planetary summits and oceanbeds, and catalogue their findings.



Travellers will begin the expedition aboard their freighter in the Oishida system, ready to deploy their ship into space. Plot a route through the stars to discover exotic creatures, venture to extreme worlds, excavate ancient treasures, dive through a black hole, and much more!



After completing Voyagers, or when the expedition concludes, you will have the option to convert your progress to a Normal Mode save.

The exclusive rewards detailed below are registered at the Space Anomaly’s Quicksilver Synthesis Companion, and any earnt rewards may be redeemed across all save games.

The Voyagers expedition begins today, and will run for approximately two months.


Voyagers Rewards


Electric Jetpack Trail
An exclusive Exosuit Appearance Override for the Jetpack. Humidifiers discharge a highly salinated mist from the rocket nozzles, conducting a dramatic streak of electricity during Jetpack operation.


Voyage-Themed Posters
Adorn your base with these Navigators, Anomalous Wonder and Open Horizons posters – celebrating those who push at the boundaries of reality, those in search of the next unknown sky, and the sheer anomaly of existence…

Mechanical Paw
An exclusive Companion Appearance Enhancement. This biomechanical remnant is a constant reminder of the many and diverse forms that existence can take.


Construct Base Ornaments
This set of exclusive buildable base ornaments includes a makeshift planetary shelter, a detailed replica of an Autophage facial cage, and a partially assembled robotic hand. Please note that the units contain no trace of Autophage entity inhabitation…


HoverDroid Companion
This Robotic Spawn Capsule will hatch a mechanical HoverDroid companion. A low hum resonates from deep within the capsule, its dissonant frequency turning the air around it a faint purple.

Thank you for playing Voyagers, and we look forward to sharing more news with you soon.

Our journey continues.