Expedition Five: Exobiology

Hello Everyone!

Last week, we released our first No Man’s Sky update for 2022: SENTINEL. An overhaul and refresh of combat is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, so it’s very exciting to now be able to share this work! It’s always great to see how our amazing community engages with each update; we’ve loved reading about everyone strategising against the expanded sentinel forces, using the new weapons in creative and interesting ways, as well as unearthing sentinel secrets and constructing robotic companions.

In contrast with this adrenaline-fueled update, today we are happy to announce the start of the more gentle-paced Exobiology expedition, themed around discovering and interacting with the strange and varied alien creatures inhabiting the universe.



Each Traveller will begin their journey in a lonely star system devoid of wildlife, but with a towering bipedal creature companion to accompany them. Journey across the expedition route to meet majestic diplos, gather eggs and milk, and endeavour to impress Iteration Cronus with your baking skills. Discover new species inhabiting anomalous worlds and ocean depths, befriend and nurture new companions, rendezvous with other players, and much more.



The Exobiology expedition begins today, and will run for approximately five weeks.

As with previous expeditions, players will start a new save and all begin on the same planet – and will have the opportunity to collect a number of limited edition rewards!

When Exobiology concludes, your progress will be converted to a Normal mode save, and rewards can be redeemed across all save games.


Exobiology Rewards


Reality Glitch Jetpack Trail
The jetpack exhaust is fitted with a high-concentrate pugneum dispenser. When the jets are activated, the resulting reaction carves miniature distortions in reality… as well as creating an interesting visual effect.


Creature-Themed Posters
Decorate your base with these Abyssal, Solstice and Territories posters – ranging from a gold-framed butterfly evoking the nostalgia of long summer days, to a dark reminder of what lurks in the depths below…

Exotic Companion Armour
Ideal for fierce-tempered companions, this stylish plate armour protects vital organs against laser and projectile fire. Ultra-soft breathable padding reduces the likelihood of companions wriggling out of the accessory.


Exotic Wingpack
An elegant wing-assisted jetpack, inspired by the design philosophy of exotic starships.


Sentinel Quad Companion
This Sentinel Quad Egg will hatch a tireless quadrupedal robotic companion, reprogrammed to be loyal and safe around Travellers, though ever watchful.


Alongside working on new content and features for No Man’s Sky, we will continue to listen to feedback and address important issues reported by the community. We have so much more planned for this year!

Our journey continues.