Beyond Development Update 8

Hello Everyone!

It has been a few weeks since we launched the Living Ship update for No Man’s Sky, and the community response has completely exceeded what we could have anticipated. We’ve seen huge numbers of players returning to the game to hatch and raise their new sentient ships, and outside the game, it’s been fantastic to see players sharing their unique ship variations online.

Today, we wanted to talk about the new type of item we’ve introduced to the Quicksilver Bot, as well as let you know about the new set of community bases featured at the Space Anomaly.


Community Research

The Quicksilver Synthesis Companion has been overclocking their creative processes to invent a new category of exotic collectable: bobble-headed figurines!



These synthetic polymer companions can be installed in any starship cockpit, and will sway their articulated heads with the movements of your ship. The first set of figurines to unlock are fabricated in the likeness of the Quicksilver Bot’s two favourite individuals: Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada.

Through dedicated completion of Nada and Polo’s research missions, Travellers have now unlocked the Umbrella Tree, Writhing Bush, and Entwining Tree. This domesticated flora is safe for replanting in habitable bases, emitting only a mild category 2 level of radiation.


Featured Bases

We have also updated the set of featured bases in the Space Anomaly. Visit Mercury’s teleporter for the chance to tour these amazing community builds!

Euclidian Pagoda by Ray_Reynolds


If you would like to see your base featured at the Anomaly, the best way to bring it to our attention is to share it with the community online (on Reddit or Twitter). Please remember to include your game mode, portal coordinates, current galaxy, username and platform to help us find it.


Weekend Missions

Travellers have spent a productive weekend stabilising a disturbed Traveller gravesite, taming the local wildlife and collecting their eggs. Already, the epicentre of the disturbance has migrated, and Nada has analysed the first packets of new data, indicating a world of great anomalous rings…

Each of the anomaly iterations seems to have made their own peace with these disturbances recurring throughout the universe. As long as travellers continue to address the instabilities as they arise, the situation seems to be in balance…


Community Spotlight

@Wayfire has been a highlight for us every day this month, theming their March of Robots drawing challenge around No Man’s Sky, and producing far too much high-quality art for us to feature it all! Here is just a small selection of our favourites…

In a completely different style, we also loved this pixel interloper by /u/Peelpar:

@chongsparks blew us away with these incredible creative builds:

And credit to /u/Unholy_Mr_Brown, /u/Raider1916, /u/AmericnPsycho74 and /u/TheBlank89 for these lovely screenshots:

Thank you so much,