Development Update 7

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had a tremendous response to last week’s Explorer Feedback Survey. Thank you for all the intelligent and passionate responses, and for helping us paint a clear picture of the community’s preferences and priorities. The survey will remain open for a little while longer, so there is still time to contribute your perspective and help us shape the roadmap for No Man’s Sky.


Community Research Update

Specialist Polo has at last emerged from the most involved data analysis they have ever undertaken – followed up by a more physical challenge in their workshop, crafting a new device to move this mystery forwards. They are exhausted and disoriented, but triumphant: they have identified the exact origin of the logs left by their lost Traveller-friends, ultimately a question of “when”, rather than where.

Polo requests that participating explorers apply this specialised device to a number of transmission devices on a specific world, characterised by oversized flora. They hypothesize that, with the right time-tuning, and well-considered decisions, it may be possible for explorers to influence events occurring outside of the present moment…


From the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot

In the Space Anomaly, explorers will have several new items to exchange their Quicksilver for…

Bronze, silver, and gold editions of an Atlas Station statue, featuring a rotating core.


As well as 3 new customisable plants…

A carnivourous bush (direct skin contact not recommended).

A maize-like plant – “curious corn”.

A squat dwarf palm.


Community Spotlight

Here are some of the screenshots we’ve loved recently. The community seems to have limitless creativity in finding interesting and cinematic moments to capture.

(Credit to /u/jzburnett, /u/ggmcgee, and /u/dj4slugs)

This montage from /u/JTheBlockBreaker, made up from 2,300 unique No Man’s Sky screenshots, is quite breathtaking.


@Rovanite – we are very impressed; this looks fantastic!


And it is always great to see players just having fun – this gif from /u/CptBinkle really captures the spirit of the celebration gesture.


Development Update

The team is hard at work on future large updates. We are so very close to being able to share something exciting with you, but we’re going to contain our excitement and keep it under wraps for just a little longer, to make sure all the final polish passes are in place.

The patch notes for 1.65 are below. Thank you for playing and reading these updates!

Thank you so much,


Patch 1.65

Further fixes to rectify getting stuck when exiting the starship.
Updated mission logic.
Updated text.