Development Update 6

Hello Everyone!

It’s been exciting to see the range of ways players have been exploring the features introduced in our exocraft update – from pushing the limits of the Pilgrim’s grip and suspension, to matching the colour schemes between bases and exocraft. Thank you so much for playing and for sharing. It really makes us feel like we’re on this journey together with all of you.

Listening to you, the players, is an essential part of this journey for us. This week we are reaching out with a survey to discover more about what the community is most interested in seeing in No Man’s Sky. Please take this opportunity to have your voice heard!


Community Research Update

Polo has been deeply immersed in their analysis of the co-ordinates retrieved from the decrypted data packet, cross-comparing against the Anomaly’s extensive databanks. They are still lost in data, processing an infinite spread of realities, looking for any pattern to identify the source of this location’s importance – but a new, more pressing development has emerged.

Data is one of Polo’s greatest passions – but friendship is even more important to them. The Space Anomaly has detected the ship signature of an old Traveller-friend – someone Nada and Polo had thought lost long ago. Polo requests that explorers venture forth, locate their friend, and bring them home – but ensure to keep a low profile and not draw the eye of the Sentinels.


From the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot

Polo’s Quicksilver bot has been busy synthesising a new set of collectables for participating explorers…

A nostalgic statue of the iconic Alpha Vector starship, cast in bronze, silver, and gold.

Two new gadgets for explorer bases: A spherical hologram, representative of any one of the quintillions of celestial bodies populating the galaxies, and a fascinating expanding cube, utilising a high-tech localised gravitational field purely for aesthetic curiosity.

And a new gesture for explorers to express their wonder at any fauna, flora, landmark, building, or starry expanse that might catch their eye.


Community Spotlight

/r/NoMansSkyTheGame is subreddit of the day today! Special congratulations to the lovely moderation team. 🙂 We are very aware of the hard work and passion you put into organising events for the NMS community, and generally just helping make the subreddit a welcoming, friendly place to be.

We’re looking forward to seeing the results of the Autumn Art Contest, and are especially enjoying seeing all the fun characters showcased in the weekly character creation threads:

(Credit to /u/ma11en69er and /u/AmalahRose)

Some other community talent we’ve recently enjoyed is these touching artworks from /u/razygurr, celebrating the Gek and friendship between races…

…in contrast with this fearsome Vy’keen warrior from @The_HolyMary!

And we loved this colourful montage from /u/Gliese176b, capturing some of the color palette diversity between planets:


Development Update
Today we have also released another update for the game that addresses some important issues and enables the option for tessellation for players on PC (for prettier, bumpier terrain). Specialist Polo also has a new, close-to-home request for explorers participating in their research missions.

Thank you so much,


Patch 1.64
Fixed an issue where items could fail to display in the Quicksilver shop.
Fixed an issue where Community Research missions could be given deadlines in the distant future.
Fixed an issue where players could get trapped when getting out of some ship types.
As a temporary measure while investigating a crash on Xbox One X only, we have disabled terrain tessellation.

Fixed an issue where players could fail to be given the blueprints for Hydroponic Trays.
Fixed an issue where players could fail to be given the blueprints for the plants required by the Farmer.
Fixed an issue where players could fail to learn the Circuit Board blueprint at the correct time.
Fixed an issue where NPC missions might return to a building that had no NPCs in them.
Fixed an issue where players could fail to learn the Glass blueprint at the correct time.
Fixed an issue where players could fail to learn the Frigate Fuel blueprints at the correct time.

Missions from the Mission Board or planetary NPCs will now display their mission title on the Galaxy Map instead of their current objective, to help manage destinations when multiple missions are active.
Tessellation can now be enabled in the graphics options on PC.