No Man’s Sky release date announced for June 2016

October was a very busy month for Hello Games. We kicked it off with a visit to the Big Apple, where Sean presented the game to Stephen Colbert on CBS’s The Late Show.

Stephen is one of the first to explore the game’s massive universe, so we wanted to give him the personal touch with each new discovery he made. Watch and you’ll see what we mean 🙂

It was a crazy, hectic visit, but the team managed to squeeze in a little time (at 2:30am!) to check out some of the local arcades before the flight home.

New York City, you were great!

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and we were at Paris Games Week to show a new trailer with our friends at PlayStation, and revealed something many of you have been waiting for – a release date.

As Sean said on the PlayStation Blog, we know the wait to June 2016 will be long for some, but every moment gives us the time to add more features and polish to our vast universe.

You may have also noticed a familiar voice alongside the announcement – the one and only Rutger Hauer. It blows our minds that a sci-fi legend would want to be involved in one of our trailers, and it was a blast getting him involved.

The reception to The Late Show and Paris Games Week has been overwhelming, and we want to thank you, as always, for all the support you give our small team – it means a lot!

– Hello Games