E3 2015


Hopefully, you just saw Sean go out on stage at Sony’s E3 press conference to present the first time we’ve played No Man’s Sky live in public. We’ve been building towards this moment for a long time, and we’ve found that expressing all the things you can do in an infinite universe in just three or four minutes on a stage is pretty hard.

But what we hoped is to give you a real flavour of the kind of shape your journey towards the centre of the galaxy might take. No Man’s Sky is about the choices you make within a living, breathing universe, and we wanted to show you reasons for why you might want to explore it, and what stands in your way.


We really hope that you liked what you saw.

This isn’t all we’re doing at E3 this year. We wanted to let you know about a few more things you can expect from us.

We’ll also be talking to as many press as we possibly can, and showing them the game. Look out on your favoured local outlet for more 🙂

Thanks so much, as ever, for all the amazing support and good feels you give us.


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