A year ago today we first revealed our game called No Man’s Sky. These twelve months have been life changing for all of us at our little studio. Your response to what we’re making has been inspiring, affirming, and only sometimes totally terrifying. But in the best way 🙂

We’ve only shown the game off twice, once at VGXs last year, and then again at E3. Since E3 we’ve been working incredibly hard, and we finally have a chance to show you something of what we’ve been making.

Yesterday at The Game Awards we gave a glimpse of ways you can travel through the galaxy, and as they performed live a brand-new track, announced that 65daysofstatic are writing a new album of music inspired by the game.

Today, at PlayStation Experience, we really wanted to show you what limitlessness looks like for the first time. Something that I hope will give you a sense of the extent of the galaxy, and your place in it.

So here’s a new video, taken directly from a playthrough session:

The music is that first new track 65daysofstatic played last night. We hope you like it.

So hopefully you already know about this, but we’re also holding something special tonight for fans. An event that everyone can experience with us. We’re calling it A Night Under No Man’s Sky.

If you’re here at PlayStation Experience, you can come along to Sands Expo Hall A, or if you’re at home you can watch the stream on Twitch.

It’s been a lot to pull together for a very small indie team, but we’re having a lot of fun. We really hope you enjoy it too.

Finally, don’t forget that No Man’s Sky is on the cover of the new Game Informer! Their feature contains a huge amount of detail about the game, plus they’ll be adding more and more articles to their website over the coming month.