A Night Under No Man’s Sky


It’s fair to say that A Night Under No Man’s Sky blew us away.

Seeing 65daysofstatic up on stage, playing tracks we love against imagery of our game and video sequences by Matt DiVito, was an incredible experience for us. We really hope you enjoyed it too 🙂

If you hadn’t come across 65daysofstatic before and liked what you heard, we thought you might be interested in knowing what songs they played. Here’s the full setlist:

Super Moon (from No Man’s Sky soundtrack)
Pacify (from Heavy Sky)
Prisms (from Wild Light)
Crash Tactics (from We Were Exploding Anyway)
Install a Beak in the Heart That Clucks Time in Arabic (from The Fall of Math)
Retreat! Retreat! (from The Fall of Math)
Arrakis (working title) (from No Man’s Sky soundtrack)
Debutante (from We Were Exploding Anyway)
Taipei (from Wild Light)
I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood (from The Fall of Math)
Radio Protector (from One Time for All Time)

Safe Passage (from Wild Light)

Just a little note: the band are very much still working on the soundtrack, and so Arrakis and Super Moon are still works in progress. Don’t be surprised if they’re finally released in rather different forms 🙂

Super thanks to everyone who helped A Night Under No Man’s Sky happen: everyone at Sony, Stungun Productions, 65daysofstatic’s tour team, Matt DiVito and of course Rob, Joe, Simon and Paul. We are so happy.