The Next Big Game

All this week, Gamespot is featuring No Man’s Sky in its The Next Big Game series.

Each day they’re publishing a new video, with the first covering the story behind our studio and the game itself:

Many people have asked – how can a team of ten developers possible ship a game with the scope of No Man’s Sky? The answer lies in the passion, experience and drive of those ten individuals.


Presenter Danny O’Dwyer found some kind of primeval forest to film it in

The video is far better than we ever deserve, though it does also feature us looking incredibly tired after the first full day of E3 and messing up the plans of everyone around us. So that’s a highlight, right?

Later today the second will go up, covering the game itself, and what you’ll do within it. But we’re particularly looking forward to the last one – a Reality Check video that will show the technology and tools that make No Man’s Sky’s infinite universe real.

Thanks so much to Gamespot for making it!