No Man’s Sky on the cover of Edge

This is something of a dream for us. We’ve been reading Edge since before we started making games, and we never really thought we could actually be on its cover. But then we got a call…


Infinite. Epic. Indie. Three words that sum up No Man’s Sky, Hello Games’ seemingly impossible endeavour and cover star of our new issue, out now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio. We spend some time at the studio for our definitive 12-page feature on the game which promises to deliver a never-ending universe to explore. We speak to the team behind it and take a detailed look at its procedurally generated flora and fauna.

12 pages. 12 pages! The issue arrived with subscribers yesterday and is out in UK shops today, as well as on iOS, Google Play and Zinio if you like to read on a tablet or computer.

For me though it’s all about print. We’ve got piles of Edges around our studio … and now we can add our very own one to them. This is a dream come true.

Find out more about the issue on Edge’s site here.