More words about No Man’s Sky

We’ve recently had a few more amazing articles written about No Man’s Sky that we’re really proud of, and maybe you’d be interested in reading them.

We’re particularly proud of MIT Technology Review’s piece about the tech behind the game, by Simon Parkin. Apparently, we’re the second game the Tech Review has ever covered (after Minecraft, of course).

Similarly, the quality of light will depend on whether the solar system has a yellow sun or, for example, a red giant or red dwarf. “These are simple rules, but combined they produce something that seems natural, recognizable to our eyes. We have come from a place where everything was random and messy to something which is procedural and emergent, but still pleasingly chaotic in the mathematical sense. Things happen with cause and effect, but they are unpredictable for us.”
MIT Technology Review

We’ve also been featured on Grantland, which goes into the games that No Man’s Sky is related to, like Elite and Rogue.

This method of world creation means the game contains things that no one — not even the game’s creators — has ever seen. “Recently we were demoing the game to some press … and one of the journalists secretly grabbed the controller and started to play,” Hello Games founder and No Man’s Sky programmer Sean Murray told me over email. “He kept turning to us saying things like, ‘If I follow this river, what’s down there?’ and we were like ‘I genuinely don’t know.’ You could feel this buzz as everyone watched, like literally we don’t know what’s out there and we’re just watching someone explore a whole planet that no one has ever visited before.

And finally, Gamespot closed their amazing The Next Big Game week of No Man’s Sky with a look at the inside story of how we came to show No Man’s Sky at E3.

“There was this series of bombshells leading up to the show, where we suddenly realised that No Man’s Sky was going to be on stage, and it was going to be on a 120ft screen, and realising that there are problems associated with that, and even just realising that it’s at a stadium. I’ve always just watched the streaming version [of E3 press conferences], and you don’t realise that there’s actually 5000 people in the audience. That for me is my worst nightmare.”