We’ve been asked a few times about places people can discuss No Man’s Sky, and while we don’t have any current plans for this site to have a forum, there are a couple of places we completely recommend.

Best is the game’s subreddit, NoMansSkyTheGame. It’s super friendly and catches all the latest news way before us.

And you can also chat on our official Facebook page. You can’t post stories yourself, but comments are pretty thriving.

In other news, we’ve just heard that No Man’s Sky has three nominations in the Games Critics Awards, for which 29 of the leading US gaming publications vote on the games of E3. We’re up for Best Original Game, Best Indie and -gulp- Best of Show. It is completely amazing to us to see our game’s name up there with Destiny, Batman, Alien, Rainbow Six…

We’ll know the results on Tuesday, July 1.