The flood

Christmas 2013 was shaping up to be amazing. We’d returned from VGX, we were lucky to have some amazing things written about No Man’s Sky, and seasonal celebrations lay ahead. But then our town, Guildford in southern England, was flooded. As Sean wrote on our blog, it broke our hearts to see the studio we’d put so much love into being destroyed, with things we’d made and collected floating in a soup of dirty water.

But in many ways the flood also helped our team become stronger. Partly because it gave us some kind of Blitz spirit, and partly because we got a chance to redecorate the studio and bring everyone together so we could all continue working on the game.

You can read much more about it in Polygon’s great story about the flood, but it was a pretty difficult time, not least becase what we really wanted to do was to throw ourselves into No Man’s Sky. But we got so much support from so many people, which was amazing. Getting pieces of fan art, like this one by Sam Warner, would make our day, and remind us of what we were really doing.