Beyond Development Update 10

Hello Everyone!

It’s only been a couple of weeks since our last development update, but we wanted to reach out to say that the team is well and hard at work, and now quite settled into this strange “new normal” of working remotely.



Sometimes it’s good to take a moment and look back on the most recent steps in the No Man’s Sky journey. Beginning with Synthesis, we planned to release more regularly, and it’s encouraging to look back on how this has unfolded so far. Over the past five months, we’ve released four substantial content updates – Synthesis, ByteBeat, the Living Ship and the Exo Mech – and we’re so happy with what each of those has added to the vision of the game.

In addition to these content updates, we are working up some more ambitious additions to the universe, and have so much more planned for 2020 for us to feel excited about.



Community Research

The Quicksilver Synthesis Companion has been focusing their processes on a new invention, and has now proudly generated a special new type of collectable: an alternative Exosuit Backpack, fashioned in a style that may feel familiar to some veteran Travellers.


The Blistering Mushroom, Watchful Protrusion and Tentacle Spire toxic plants are now fully unlocked at the Quicksilver Bot’s shop, and may be synthesised with Quicksilver for landscaping in habitable bases.


Weekend Missions

Nada and Polo reiterate their gratitude towards all Travellers assisting with the reality breaches continuing to affect the universe. Though Nada still questions the origin of these disturbances with concern, the Anomaly’s Iterations seem to have come to terms with them. Speak to Iteration: Ariadne aboard the Space Anomaly this weekend to learn more.


Community Spotlight


This pixel art (created in Deluxe Paint III on an Amiga 1000!) by /u/blakespot is wonderfully nostalgic – we enjoyed seeing it framed by that beige CRT monitor.


Some lovely Multi-Tool concepts by /u/Pseudofraud.


We loved this atmospheric movie poster by /u/Lhamo66!


And @Edvintage1, /u/Jack_Brown_Jnr, /u/PsyFiGaming and /u/tactical_butterknife shared these beautiful screenshots.


Thank you for reading, and for being on this journey with us. It means so much to see players continuing to find solace and community in our infinite universe.

Thank you so much,