We let Anthony Carboni play No Man’s Sky, immediately regret it

Last month saw the biggest reveal for the game since our nerve-wracking debut at the VGX Awards.

We showed a small demo to hundreds of journalists from around the world, who called the game “breathtakingly beautiful” (Wired) and “insanely exciting” (io9).

It was lovely to show the game to real people – including IGN as part of a second (!) First showcase – and see so many gamers play in so many different ways (and be surprised by what they discovered!).


One of those folks was fellow sci-fi nerd Anthony Carboni. Sean was super excited to catch up with him, and after he finished asking him a million questions about meeting the cast of Star Wars (he hosted The Force Awakens premiere), he thought it’d be fun to let him play.

It was so nice to see Anthony really enjoy the game, and we figured it might be nice to show you what happens when someone other than Sean plays. 

Note: Some alien life was harmed in the making of this video.