No Man’s art

We’ve had some amazing fan art made for No Man’s Sky lately, and we wanted to share it.

First up, here’s a piece by Isabelle. “I drew @hellogames’ @NoMansSky because the colours are just so beautiful. @GrantDuncan can’t wait for the game. :D” – @angelbelle98


Next, here’s a painting by Paul Scott Canavan. “Here’s my little tribute to No Man’s Sky. Can’t wait :)” – @abigbat


He also streamed working on it, and put up various updates which were great to follow. It also got featured in Kotaku’s fan art of the week roundup!

Finally, Andrew Gamble’s poster is super nice, too. “I’ve been super excited for this game since I saw it at E3, so last night I was inspired to create something and this is the result. I just wanted to show my appreciation for what you guys are doing and cant wait to play.”


Thanks to everyone who has made art for No Man’s Sky. It’s a real thrill for us. And send us more! Show us places you’d like to go!